Whatsapp is our new hero!

Its so hard being locked down again and particularly being locked away from our lovely customers but our new way of working is helping us stay in touch and stay connected to the outside world . Every time I open a new box of beautiful stock my heart sinks that I wont get to share my excitement with with my Mischief “family “ of loyal shoppers . Not being tekkie I found the journey on line a struggle as did lots of my customers . Although I can do it the experience just “ wasn’t the same “ and we all missed the personal experience of shopping together . With that in mind I embraced Whatsapp and started sharing my personally selected pieces in real time with real people . It has been such a lovely result , sending pics , suggestions , advice , recommendations and feeling back in contact again , when customers phone to pay over the phone we have chats and laughs and re connect . So whatsapp is definitely my new best friend , if you have any questions , would like some pics or would like to order anything from our current collections just Whatsapp me ( Trish ) on 087 6149619 Monday to Saturday 10/6 . Looking forward to sharing a little bit of Mischief with you 💖💖💖

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  1. Well Done Trish – You’re doing a great job.
    Keep up the Great Work – you are proof that it works.
    Looking forward to the Next Post.

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